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Focus Scripture: Matthew 16:24

As we all prepare for the Passion Week, I am currently focused on one of my roles in the week ahead. I am privileged to serve as the narrator for the Choir Cantata. This narration is different from ones I have previously done – I get to portray Simon Peter.

Between reading (still) Cost of Discipleship and reading the script for Upon This Rock; I have … wandered into that uncomfortable … no, not uncomfortable – discomforting realization that to following Him is not an easy “thing”. It is not convenient. It is not magical. But, it  - is.

We’ve circled around this before when we have talked about how God has designed us. As the Body of Christ, we have a function, a purpose within that Body. To realize that there are other parts of the Body dependent on how we do what we do, well it is daunting – even discomforting. The scripture for this week is Matthew 16: 24. The encouragement Jesus elicits is “… turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross and follow me.”

Do you see? It is discomforting, but not uncomfortable. God can comfort us, because His Son, Jesus Christ has already been on this path. He is leading us. For those who were present in class last week, I talked about how, for some reason, I cannot get The Spinners, They Just Can’t Stop It (Games People Play). Have you thought about what kind of games we play?

Do you remember the games we played in our youth? Do you still play the game Adam and Eve played – Hide and Seek? How about dodge ball … are there hurts you avoid? Or – do we play Follow the Leader? Maybe even Simon (Peter) Says? When someone else is in charge, is it discomforting? When we allow God to lead our lives and submit to Him, He will comfort us through those times in the hours, days, weeks and months ahead.

Between Palm Sunday and the Celebration of the Resurrection, we MUST encounter the cross. Let each of us take it up and consider what it means for our individual, as well as collective, lives.

“Lord, I thank you for this group and the purpose that you have in our gathering together in fellowship to worship and celebrate Your creation, life and resurrection. Enable us, strengthen us to do the work that You would have us to do. Grant us the courage to take up our cross and follow You.”


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