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Focus Scripture: Luke 2: 21 - 38

The long expectant pilgrims: Simeon and Anna. Theirs was a different type of pilgrimage (not all pilgrimages involve physical travel). Watching and waiting; waiting and watching. Fasting. Praying.

There are some that might find their role in the story of Christ's birth too boring. Only on the surface, maybe. For starters, (my personal opinion) their faith would be second only to Abraham. Both Simeon and Anna waited a very, very long time. They knew in their hearts by the Holy Spirit what was to come. Salvation! Also, they are the embodiment of Psalm 46: 10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (ESV) Have you ever been so sure of something that you have diligently waited – not hours, not days, not months, not years; but decades – for what had been disclosed to you?

Not only did they trust in the promise, but they did not even “monkey” with it. From what little we know, they did not alter anything. Ever since the days of the Tower of Babel, humanity has had this … itch to “make things better.”

Again, this is one part of our problem with sin. We turned away from God; so even our “best” philanthropic efforts become polluted. For example, St. Nicholas: All he wanted to do was bless some kids and help the needy. I wonder what he would think of what Christmas has become in the first part of the 21st Century. All because along the way someone said, “Hey, I bet we can “do” that even better.”

As I write this, I am waiting in Atlanta for the flight back to Florida. I have been doing a lot of waiting today (equipment malfunction on the plane from Raleigh caused me to change flights; therefore, arrival times were adjusted, etc.) [Now, after I wrote that; we boarded for our flight to Sarasota. After almost everyone was on board, the crew announced there was an equipment problem … hang tight. First they announced it would be a brief delay, then a few moments later, “Folks, we need to board a different plane.” We were at Gate 16 and now had to report to Gate 32. So, I was “supposed” get in originally at 11:19am; I finally landed in Sarasota about 4:15pm.] My waiting was a minor inconvenience; I made it back to Palmetto well before seven or eight decades had passed. Thankfully and joyfully, the crew chose to not “monkey” with the equipment and sought the safer alternative.

So the joy of Simeon and Anna was in their respective encounters. First, the encounter with the Holy Spirit, then seeing the fulfillment of the promise of the Christ child. Can you imagine the profound joy of knowing that salvation has come? It would be like being in a very dark place and suddenly seeing a very great light.

In Christ's Name -


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