First United Methodist Church of Palmetto

Welcome to Eastertide

The 50 days following Easter is known as Eastertide in the church. It runs from Easter Sunday through Pentecost Sunday and is a time of great joy. It is celebrated with white paraments on the altar. 

While the majority of our seasonal events have concluded, our church is still alive and thriving, helping to reach people in the name of Christ each and every day, without much fanfare.

Our United Methodist Men and Glory Group women will continue to meet for fellowship and planning.

Our new Courtside Ministry is operating one Monday per month at the Manatee County Courthouse.

The Food Pantry continues to operate as usual, including setup on Mondays, food intake on Tuesday morning at 7am, and food distribution on Tuesday morning from 9-11am.

The Village Thrift Store continues to operate Mon-Sat from 10am-4pm and is always looking for volunteers thru the summer/off-season months. 

Keep up with all our scheduled events here on the Calendar tab (at the top) or on our Facebook page.

 sunday worship

Weekly @ 10:30am
Traditional format with 
Communion served the 
first Sunday of the month.

What's New

New Sunday School Covenant Group is now in session.
The Covenant Group is restarting as we prepare for Advent. Come, join us as we take a pilgrimage. Class starts at 9:00am; in the Bride's Room.. See David Edington for more information. Check out the SS Blog for more information and resources.